Welcome to Red Monkey Mirror!


Here you’ll find finely crafted, heirloom quality furniture in timeless designs that can complement an array of different styles.


We use natural materials to build real furniture that lasts. The warmth of turned wood, the strength of tempered iron and the cool, smooth finish of marble and stone make every piece tell a story and breathe life into things made by human hands.


The furniture collections featured here are designed by me, Kevin Stephens, owner and founder of Red Monkey Mirrors. I bring over 16 years of experience living and working in Jaipur, India where I co-founded a furniture business with my partner Abhinav Bishnoi. Our factory there is still ongoing and our furniture and products are imported by some of the best brands for home decor in the United States and across the globe. 


It’s also where all the collections you see here are handmade by a team of master artisans. Very little automation is utilized in the process of producing these collections. Every piece is unique in that they are hand built, hand carved, and all finishes from gilding to metal cladding to bone inlay are done by hand. 


Red Monkey Mirror is a curated collection of pieces I love. They are things I believe in. And pieces I would have in my own home. They are a reflection of the unique handmade aesthetics of Indian craftsmanship, geometry and symmetry juxtaposed with contemporary design.

Collections will be showcased and available to see in person at Roundtop, TX where I will unveil new designs every season. Some pieces will be revisited in different finishes and best-sellers will be available again. 


Our motto is slow is good and less is more. In that spirit, all of the pieces you see here and at Roundtop are limited in quantity. So if you like something, pick it up because it may be a while before you see it again. 


If you are a retailer or wholesaler, you can contact me here and we can work directly with you for container imports and custom developments.


Most importantly, I believe personal relationships are what makes doing things worthwhile. From knowing each and every person who works on making the furniture, to building strong partnerships with buyers over the years, and now bringing Red Monkey Mirror furniture and designs to you - these relationships are at the heart of what I do. 


Having this opportunity to bring Red Monkey Mirror furniture into your home is an extraordinary feeling. It’s a personal honor not only to me and my designs but to the many craftsmen and women who work many hours to produce and finish each and every piece. 


I hope you will find something that speaks to you here and you add many of your own personal stories to it over the years. If you have any questions, want to know more about a certain piece or just want to say hello, you can reach me here. I always write back - just give me a day or two to respond.

Thanks for supporting
made slow & handcrafted.